Deposition Request

FOR STREAMLINED, EASY SCHEDULING:  Simply send your Notice(s) of Deposition to, and we will respond promptly with a Deposition Confirmation.  Any additional information or requests can be included in that e-mail, and you will not need to fill out the form below. 

 Whether you schedule via e-mail or using the on-line form, you will receive an e-mailed confirmation that day or the next business day, and we will confirm with you prior to the scheduled event.  If you have not received a Deposition/Hearing Confirmation within 24 hours, please call our office at 717-214-1182.

 In the event of a cancellation, please contact our office by telephone as soon as possible at 717-214-1182.

 If scheduling within two days of the deposition/hearing, please communicate your request via e-mail to or call our office at 717-214-1182 in lieu of using the on-line form.